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Our decision support platform bridges the gap from data collection to maintenance actions. The platform's built in analytics keys in on "actionable data".

Our platform facilitates data visualization of business needs and sheds light on the entire end to end data life cycle process.
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The VisioStack platform is an innovative approach to smarter decision making. By using the latest technologies in web application design, the VisioStack solution can efficiently provide data analytics and reporting to meet your condition based maintenance needs. Our aim is to increase the life-cycle of your critical assets in a cost-effective way.

The solution aims to support the complete cycle of condition based maintenance, from the integration & validation of asset condition data to the generation of results and work orders. A modular architecture allows VisioStack to customize the deliverables to fill a precise need.

The solution architecture is based on the MVC model, separating the development, testing, and maintenance logic of the application layer from the graphical user interface layer. This allows all testing to be carried out “off-line”; ensuring that the product go-live is executed with no adverse impact to the end user.

Functionalities are delivered utilising commonly available thin client browsers. Utilising the existing browser means that the solution is non-invasive to the existing client IT infrastructure. While user preferences and data may be stored locally, there are no local instances of VisioStack applications. The client application is built on cutting edge Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology.

Completing the monitoring cycle from data collection to maintenance decisions.

Built to fill the gap.

Analytics is core to our vision at Visiostack. We echo the motto Analytics over Instinct and strive to provide an interface where our customers can visualize data in a new way. Our tools are designed to provide a platform for strategic decision making while at the same time maintaining core and standardized operational reporting and trend analysis. We aim to advance current methods of identifying business problems by analyzing acquired data in a quickly and effective manner that is easily accessible and distributable across an organization. Our platform facilitates data visualization of business needs and sheds light on the entire end to end data life cycle process. It also streamlines data sharing, simplifies data maintenance and maximizes enterprise efficiencies.

We are continuously building our core analytical package to be as flexible and scalable as possible. We currently deploy a powerful set of statistical analysis, frequency analisis, and scenario analysis for forecasting conditions based on a target date. Our base package is intended to complement bespoke requirements as needed.

The solution provides, as a minimum, data segmentation based on a customisable length. Quality Indexes and Statistical Analysis are provided for each segment based on our pre-defined algorithms or the user organization’s custom algorithms for such indices. The underlying measurement input providing the segmented statistical analysis view is customisable.

The solution is able to handle multiple levels of exceedences. The software platform provides for an editable table storing these exceedence levels. The solution provides for the detection of defects based on these pre-established thresholds, as well as the generation of quality indexes using pre-defined algorithms (standard deviations, etc…). Standard textual reports can be generated as CSV files or equivalent, including all relevant data types. Defect and quality index calculations are conducted automatically by the server application upon receiving data uploaded by the user.

We customize our base analytics with your specific requirements

Your data is confidential. The platform is equipped with several layers of protection to prevent unwanted access to sensitive data. Using the latest technologies in secure web data transfer, VisioStack protects all inflows of data with encryption and secure connection protocols. In addition, user level access can be pre-defined to restrict the data presented to certain levels of users. This allows management to control which users have access to which information.

Pre-defined users may include the following:

  • System Administrators
  • Power Users
  • Restricted Users

The solution creates secure sessions based on customisable user permission levels. The solution provides for System Administrators, who in turn may define lower tier user groups (as seen in the list above) with customisable access privileges. The system contains pre-defined user templates that may be used as is or customised.

Examples of technologies our team has used to ensure data security:

  • Access control lists
  • LDAP
  • SSO single sign on
  • Firewall policies
  • Trusted node restrictions
  • Secure tokens
  • Data encryption

Integrating your decision logic in the VisioStack platform provides significant added value. Within the underlying database, the platform allows System Administrators to create organizational rules (decision logic) that can be used to automatically generate work orders.

The applied rules can be very basic in nature, as detecting a condition level above a threshold, or more complex in nature such as triggering an action based on an excessive deterioration rate of a larger section/region. Combinations of triggers may also be defined to generate more severe circumstances.

By integrating the organizations's existing experience and logic, the system ensures that critical actions are not misplaced or lost in the "inbox". This feature also ensures that the organization's experience is passed on from one managerial level to the next, safeguarding the knowledge base.

Safeguarding your experience by automating the rules...