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RailLinks™ - Providing paperless asset inspection & decision support to any device

Our search and optimization technology brings "Big Data" to the field. Front line maintainers can visualize any data type, as well as suppliment the automated inspection program

RailLinks™ Technology allows field collection, visualization, and full integration with an automated, autonomous inspection program

RailLinks™ technology is a BYOD (Bring your own device) technology enabling in the field inspections. RailLinks stands alone as a data collection unit, and it can also synchronize with automated (or autonomous) asset inspection programs.

Our data search and optimization techniques enable field devices to consume "Big Data" from all types of data acquisition streams.

Collection streams include the following:

  • Document Management, hierarchical asset schematic diagrams, geospatial surveys and more
  • Point Cloud Data, including 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional sets of coordinates
  • Imagery, including still shots or continuously recorded video
  • Spatial or Time sampled data. Our mobile technologies allow in depth interaction including searching, zooming and scrolling
  • Asset Information, including type characteristics, install date, maintenance data

Mobile to Office Synchronization and Scheduling