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Integrating acquisition level components with management level systems

Our experience with systems integration starts at the acquisition level, and ends at the enterprise level.

Our integration experience begins at the acquisition level, providing a central data repository; and ends at the enterprise level, with results delivery to EAM systems.

VisioStack integrates acquisition level components with management level systems at all levels of the organization including Enterprise Asset Management , Financial Planning, Forecasting, Production Scheduling and other key ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) modules. The VisioStack platform is customizable and expandable to adjust to our customers integration needs and their respective IT departments operation polices. We have the ability to interact and exchange information with all major ERP vendors such as SAP and ORACLE using standard industry accepted protocols. We use the leading object-relational database management system in the market (Oracle Database 11g) to ensure fast, reliable and scalable access to data.

We have experience with system integrations using the following technologies:

  • Web services (SOAP and REST) implemented with and without Web Service Manager (WSM) orchestrators.
  • Database links between target and source schemas (secured via trusted/invited node layers as well as firewall policies).
  • Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) validations implemented in conjunction with web services for added levels of data integrity and validation
  • Oracle Data Pumps and Oracle Data Access Components for data share across multiple vendors/environments
  • Custom shell based data parsers