At a planning meeting? Doing field work? Our mobile app brings the core data from the RailLinks® platform to your pocket so you can access key data anywhere.
A graphic with three mobile phones displaying three different screenshots of the RailLinks Mobile app: Defect graphs; the Linear View, and a Rail Flaws Report


As more data is collected and uploaded automatically, having tools to sort through it all and highlight the most urgent needs becomes critical. The RailLinks platform supports automatic notifications of critical conditions, like once measurements have crossed defined thresholds. When linked with IoT sensors, this means a critical temperature or condition can be detected, logged, and sent from the field to your device in a matter of minutes.

In addition to automated notifications, the mobile app also lets you easily share information—including a specific location or report—with other team members.
Graphic showing a mobile notification about rail temperature, connecting back to a card from the database with more information, which in turn connects back to a signal on the railway in the background.Graphic showing a mobile notification about rail temperature, connecting back to a card from the database with more information, which in turn connects back to a signal on the railway in the background.

Approval & Review

As part of the RailLinks Defect Validation package, the mobile app allows for quick viewing and validation of potential defects.

Filter by defect type, location, severity, repeat count, and more. Compare against previous runs to differentiate between real trends and anomalies. See signals, switches, and other areas highlighted for further confirmation.

Validated defects automatically load into the Global Search database for further processing.
Graphic of a phone showing defect validation cards on the screen. The cards show a graph of the defect, along with "Validate" and "Invalidate" buttons.

Location Services

When out on a track, use the location features to sync track data to your current location. You can also filter to only see nearby assets. For work in areas with limited or no connection, download data ahead of time for smooth, seamless performance.
A tablet-sized screenshot showing a map view with the rail line and GPS position shown against a background of satellite imagery. Several controls are visible in the top right corner.

Inspections & Reports

RailLinks Mobile's Field Inspection package, based on the desktop Field Inspection application, puts data in the hands of track inspectors. It also makes data entry more portable, allowing condition data to be entered while field inspections are happening.
Photo of a rail inspector standing in a railway tunnel, looking down the track with their back turned to us.
With the Field Inspection package, reports of daily maintenance and inspection activities can be completed in a phone- or tablet-friendly format, with the option to automatically generate regulatory PDF reports once complete. An administrative view allows managers to track daily and monthly activity, keeping tabs on daily quotas and the tasks due for regulatory compliance.
Graphic with a tablet-sized and a phone-sized screenshot. The tablet screenshot shows a calendar display with reports scheduled on several of the days. The phone screenshot shows a "New Inspection" report form.
Our mobile platform also provides the foundation for integrating reports with built-in or external sensors and collection devices in real time. This could be an in-phone camera, an external scanner, or drones. As the industry continues to advance, our ongoing mobile development allows for integration with the latest technology.