VisioStack has set out to improve the tools used in railroad crossing inspection, inventory assessment, and data management. With multiple stakeholders having maintenance responsibilities, including railways, municipalities, and regulatory bodies, crossing management requires focused accountability. We aim to reduce incidents through innovative assessment of risk, combining multiple information streams, and shared visibility.

crossing safety at a glance

Crossing Data: United States
United States vector graphic
Crossing Data: 
United States
134,000 miles of track
Track infographicCrossing infographic
216,000 crossings
Pie chart
highway-rail incidents
highway-rail injuries
Data from Federal Railroad Administration Report and Summary (2019)
Crossing Data: European Union
European Union vector graphic
Crossing Data: 
European Union
227,000 line-km
Track infographicCrossing infographic
112,992 level crossings*
Pie chart
level-crossing injuries
Bar graph
of injuries happen at level crossings
Data collected from European Union Agency for Railways (2016). The specific reports referenced can be found here, here, and here.
*Data reflects all EUAR countries (includes Switzerland and Norway)

AXIS Drone Inspection

Quickly assess crossing conditions

There are thousands of safety-related incidents each year across the globe at railway crossings. Of these, many involve vehicles that have low clearances.  Others involve crossings where visibility and lines of sight are limited.

VisioStack's AXIS (Aerial Crossing Inspection System) inspection process uses off-the-shelf drone technology to improve risk assessment at crossings.  Combined with a railway's existing crossing asset information, AXIS delivers automation including flight pre-planning, execution & collection, data transfer and generation of reports.

Inventory with Forward-Facing Video

Use AI to identify crossing assets

Crossing management stakeholders often struggle with having up-to-date, accurate information.  Since forward-facing video is becoming commonplace in the industry we have a unique opportunity to constantly check for changing conditions at crossings and other assets. By applying Deep Learning models to forward-facing video, we can assess signage and lines of sight from the perspective of the locomotive.

Key assets to be inventoried include crossing gates, signage, and pavement markings. Conditions such as properly lowered gates, infringements, sign degradation can also be detected.

Crossing Management Platform

Laptop showing crossing management platform

Assess risk and plan improvements

Our crossing management platform serves as a centralized repository for all crossing asset information and associated condition information. Configuration information can either be synchronized with external systems, or serve as the source on which condition data is populated.

Condition data can include signal malfunctions, gate malfunctions, ground clearance exceedences, broken panels, limited lines of sight, and insufficient or limited signage.  As new condition data becomes available, the platform is able to expand and incorporate it into its overall risk assessment for the crossing.

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